Anonymous: We did talk a few times before and I just couldent get it right. Made myself look like a dick. So idk maybe sometime I guess.

I bet that isn’t true.
It’s very hard to look like a dick to me. I’m a very accepting person.

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Anonymous: Sorry I would kinda preffer to stay anon dont wanna dissappoint you, maybe someday I guess.

Guarentee you wouldnt sweet. But it’s up to you. Confidence is key 👌

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Anonymous: I had feelings for you since I first saw you in my first year of college. You're so beautiful and from what I know about you you're amazing on the inside, I dont know why I'm telling you but just know no matter how shit things get someone likes you

Mail me on Facebook (names the same as on ere) 💕

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Anonymous: I Miss you.

Is this josh? :(

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Anonymous: Would you say your happy with your life right now?

Everything is going well for once 💕

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Anonymous: Your perfect. :) x

Awww thankyou (‘:

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Anonymous: Post nudes x


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Anonymous: you are incredibly sexy! date me? ;) xox

Who’s this?

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